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Allma Careers

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Allma is focused on harnessing human creativity and collaboration through technology.

Distributed, hybrid, project-based: the way we work is changing rapidly. For many of us and our teams, every day we experience a blizzard of red dots, notifications, alerts, messages, fire drills, meetings— this torrent of urgent tasks interrupts us and depletes our energy, our focus, and our time.

We believe there is an opportunity for technology and AI not to replace or automate humans, but rather to unleash what we do best—creative deep work and decision making. With Allma, our goal is to bring new energy, clarity, focus, and joy to teams.

Allma brings together critical information, companies’ frequently used tools, and shared processes to where teams work each day, in Slack and Chrome. Allma’s AI sidekick powers teams’ everyday conversations and tasks, freeing teams up to focus on the work they actually want to do. Allma’s library of prompt-based AI Shortcuts sit on top of a company’s suite of tools, making it easy to take action and flow information from any app you’re in.

To apply, drop us a line at We can't wait to hear from you.

Who we are

Our team is meaningful, powerful, and impactful on our Allma journey. Working with incredible humans who share our operating principles, who lift us up, and who challenge our thinking drives and fulfills us.

Allma is a distributed team from our earliest days and plans to stay that way. We are an organization built on trust, respect, transparency. We support each other and hold ourselves accountable. We focus on getting to truth, calling out our biases and assumptions, seeking to understand, rather than seeking to be understood. We bring kindness, enthusiasm, positive energy to all that we do.

Who you are

You are curious, humble, and enjoy solving challenging problems. Ambiguity, risk, and uncovering what you do not know excite you. You surround yourself with energetic people who push you hard, lift you up, and value integrity, resilience, and empathy. Folks who enjoy eccentric banter and spamming emoji reactions on Slack.

Allma Core Values

These values are meant to guide our way of operating with each other, our approach to building Allma, and our decision making process.

Diversity and Inclusion

Allma is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We’re committed to building a diverse and inclusive team. We encourage applications from people of all races, religions, national origins, genders, sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions and ages, as well as veterans and individuals with disabilities.

At Allma, diversity and inclusion are core to who we are, what we value, and the impact we seek to have on technology. Allma is building a collaboration tool that serves the entire organization. Our commitment is to help everyone across the organization work through incidents together. Our team needs to accurately reflect the diversity of the people we are building for. Alongside this, our Operating Principles, particularly open-mindedness, empathy, and curiosity drive us to seek diverse perspectives to learn and evolve.

As we work to build a diverse and inclusive company (reflective of our customers and our principles), we actively partner with diverse talent pipelines for our recruiting, as well as ensure we proactively reach out to and engage underrepresented groups in our recruiting practices. At Allma, we also hold ourselves accountable to working with partners— bankers, lawyers, accountants — and have made a commitment that our partners have underrepresented professionals on their team directly advising us.

Life at Allma

We are a 100% distributed team from our earliest days. This supports our goal of building a diverse company and supports our team through autonomy, optionality, and flexibility around work.

We invest in our team and encourage them to invest in the communities that matter to them, from full healthcare coverage and help for parents, to stipends for your home office and tooling needs, to additional stipends for giving back to charities and OSS projects that matter to you. Our benefits care for our team and support our team in caring for others across health, wellbeing, learning and growth, helping others, and community.


Medical and Mental Health and Wellness Support

  • 100% medical and dental coverage for employee and 50% for dependents.
  • Mental health and wellness stipend for each employee

Working Environment Support

  • Any and all hardware and software that you need to do your best work
  • Office setup stipend

Path to Parenthood and Parenthood Support

We are committed to offering a progressive and equitable parental leave policy to support members of our team as they strive to balance their work with their personal life. Allma supports their team members’ path to parenthood by offering a three-part parenthood benefit:

  • Up to $15K one-time stipend to support your path to parenthood or non-parenthood (adoption, egg/embryo freezing cycle, IVF cycle, vasectomy).
  • 12 weeks paid parental leave for all new parents (birth, adoption, fostering) and an additional 6 weeks paid parental leave for all birth parents. Leave includes full benefits and continuation of vesting schedule for equity.
  • Part-time programming for the first 4 weeks back to enable new parents to work part-time as they transition back to work.

Consistent Learning and Growth Support

  • Annual stipend to attend conferences and 100% coverage to attend any conference you're speaking at.
  • Annual stipend for books, audiobooks, training materials, online courses, etc

Community Impact Support

  • Annual stipend to donate to charitable organizations of employee's choosing.
  • An annual stipend to donate to OSS projects and maintainers.

Team Hang Support

  • Stipend to lead our bi-weekly team hangs including movie club, virtual escape rooms and gingerbread decorating competitions.

Financial Savings Support

  • 401(k) savings plans (no match yet)

Vacation Policy

  • Allma offers an unlimited vacation to full-time employees with a twist. We expect that you take a minimum of 10 days off per calendar year. Allma considers vacation time to be a true vacation, which means that you are expected to not be working, checking, or responding to work email, or being on-call. We believe that taking time off to rest and recharge is important to the health and success of our company.