Head of Customer Experience (CX)

Who We Are

Allma is an early stage startup focused on helping teams to solve problems by collaborating on incidents together in Slack. We're a distributed team from our earliest days and plan to stay that way. We're an organization built on trust, respect, and transparency. We support each other and hold ourselves accountable. We focus on getting to the truth, calling out our biases and assumptions, and seeking to understand (rather than to be understood). We bring kindness, enthusiasm, and positive energy to all that we do. We have regular group hangs to foster teamwork through games and movies, and banter over life's greatest mysteries (what really makes for the best chocolate chip cookie?).

Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Transphobia, and any other forms of bigotry are never welcome amongst our team members.

What We Build

Allma is an incident collaboration platform built for teams. We have a native Slack app that helps teams communicate across the company and resolve incidents, in real time, all in one place. No more dropping into an engineering channel to try to figure out what's going on, no more searching through lengthy slack channels to find customer impact, with Allma everything gets tracked for you, so you can focus on working with customers and resolving problems.

Our vision is a world in which the entire company is equipped to work through problems together systematically and at scale. Incidents come down to our ability to collaborate while navigating challenges, solving problems, and consistently learning and growing. We are driven to help our customers do just that.

The Role

Allma's Head of Customer Experience will deliver on Allma's mission to help customers collaborate on problems as they arise. You will represent the voice of the customer, empathetically and curiously listening to their needs and pain to ensure we are serving our customers. You will build and scale our CX team from the ground up hiring, onboarding, and growing the CX team. You will also design and execute the operating systems that power the CX team to achieve your goals. Along the way, you will impact Allma's core principles and working environment. Fostering the organization we are building together by driving our way of operating with each other as we lift each other up and healthily challenge our thinking to grow as a team.

You will be responsible for the strategy, design, and execution of our Customer Experience from onboarding and supporting customers, to building meaningful relationships and fostering a collaborative Allma customer community. You will consistently be learning from our customer to evolve Allma and grow alongside them. Day to Day, you will work directly with our customer, designing and implementing how they will experiene Allma, answering their questions, understanding and synthesizing their needs, and enabling them to use Allma to navigate incidents as they arise across their organizations.

Finally, you will help pave the way for the future of Allma by helping to design and evolve our product, our community, and our vision, all driven by the needs of our customers.

What Makes for an Allma Head of CX?

  • Empathy and listening
    • You operate through empathy and listening to serve our customers. You open-mindedly seek to understand our customer's needs, motivations, and perspective, identifying what you do not know, your biases, and blindspots. You listen, not just hear to perceive our customer's words, emotions, what they are not seeing but feeling, what they are saying behind the thing they're saying, their gestures... You are the voice of our customers, synthesizing their needs to ensure we build for our customers' pain.
  • Autonomously collaborative
    • You take clear ownership over your areas of responsibility holding yourself accountable. You delegate responsibly to your team and enable them to achieve their goals. You work collaboratively across the organization, all in service of our collective goal to serve our customers.
  • Bias for Action
    • You are proactive in knowing when and how to act and step up, before being called upon to do so. You operate with a bias towards high velocity. You make reversible decisions quickly and irreversible decisions deliberately.
  • Resilience and curiosity for learning
    • You are determined and push yourself to consistently learn, grow, evolve. You believe that progress is the product of a continuous cycle of reflection and learning and that we have much to learn across many areas and disciplines. You recognize that often things worth fighting for are hard and proceed with fascination, rather than frustation and with vulnerability and openness.
  • Systems thinker + creative problem solver
    • You bring data, systems thinking and creativity to navigate and work through problems as they arise. You are a structured, first principles thinker and you also bring creative thought and pursuit to uncover connections among seemingly disparate ideas and know when to trust your gut.
  • Strong thinking and synthesis
    • You are strong conceptual and analytical thinker and can navigate across levels (high and low) to design and implement strategy and lead others collaboratively through your thinking. You are excellent at synthesizing— aggregating a myriad of customer signals and perspective, and cutting through to identify and articulate the key signals. You are then able to communicate what you have learned to our team to inform our decision making.

What experience are we looking for?

  • Your core principles and values are most important. Then follows your thinking and decision making capabilities. Skills like Excel, familiarty with CRM tools etc.. do not matter to us. If you have high resilience and a curiosity for learning plus a healthy dose of common sense and creativity, you can learn anything.
  • Direct CX experience, ideally building and scaling CX at startups
  • Experience managing people, ideally leading teams
  • Track record of focusing on and serving customers
  • Awesome if you have experience navigating incidents in the role of CX

Life at Allma

We are a 100% distributed team from our earliest days. This supports our goal of building a diverse company and supports our team through autonomy, optionality, and flexibility around work.

We invest in our team and encourage them to invest in the communities that matter to them, from full healthcare coverage and help for parents, to stipends for your home office and tooling needs, to additional stipends for giving back to charities and OSS projects that matter to you. Our benefits care for our team and support our team in caring for others across health, wellbeing, learning and growth, helping others, and community.


Medical and Mental Health and Wellness Support

  • 50% medical and dental coverage for employee and for dependents.
  • Mental health and wellness stipend for each employee

Working Environment Support

  • Hardware and software that you need to do your best work
  • Office setup stipend

Path to Parenthood and Parenthood Support

  • Stipend to support your path to parenthood (adoption, egg / embryo freezing cycle, IVF cycle).
  • 14 weeks paid parental leave for all new parents (birth, adoption, fostering) and additional medical leave for any parent giving birth. Leave includes full benefits, and continuation of vesting schedule for equity.
  • Part-time programming for the first 4 weeks back to enable new parents to work part-time as they transition back to work.

Consistent Learning and Growth Support

  • Annual stiped to attend conferences and 100% coverage to attend any conference you're speaking at.
  • Annual stipend for books, audiobooks, training materials, online courses, etc

Community Impact Support

  • We encourage our team to volunteer, and we volunteer as a team 1x a year.
  • Annual stipend to donate to charitable organizations of employee's choosing.
  • An annual stipend to donate to OSS projects and maintainers.

Team Hang Support

  • Stipend to lead our monthly Team Movie Club.
  • Stipend to lead our bi-weekly Team Video Game Club.

Financial Savings Support

  • 401(k) savings plans (no match yet)

To apply, drop us a line at careers@allma.io. We can't wait to hear from you.